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PTL Manual Sans
Ole Schäfer

PTL Manual Sans Complete (PDF, 98 KB)

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The PTL Manual Family is the most extensively developed corporate type family in the primetime library at this time. It's an extremely versatile face suitable for a wide range of purposes that meets almost every typographic requirement. PTL Manual Sans is the most intricately designed family member. Variants include Normal, Caps, Italic and ItalicCaps, each in five different weights, which combine to make 80 fonts in total.
The face is just as suited for body text as it is for headlines or guidance systems. The finely tuned contrast of the individual letters always makes for exceptional results wherever it is used. Naturally, every variant features non-lining as well as normal and table figures. There are also expert sets containing fractures, arrows and mathematical symbols. The specially designed cursive font with its moderate 10 degree slant ensures that even longer chunks of styled text remain eminently readable. All in all this is a very comprehensive package for every conceivable corporate requirement including all your publications. Please take the opportunity to have a look also at the other members of the family.